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Victorian Bugs on the Buzz All about Victorian antique insect jewellery...

Retro, vintage, classic, antique... These four words have something in common. Guess what? Well, they are some fancy words describing something that is just plain old. But oh is it? When it comes to fascinating jewellery pieces, it is not something even near plain.
Vintage jewellery designs of natural elements featured as jewellery pieces were highly in fashion for a long time. They were seen to be more dominant in the Georgian and Victorian period. There was a great popularity of animal and insect themed costume jewellery pieces. The usage of insect and bug motifs in jewellery grew more in fashion popularity in the middle of the late 1800s. 
Many bug brooches, pendants, and rings were produced because of the high demand of affordable quality along with delicate workmanship. Intricate jewellery pieces made with enamel, Perspex, or rock crystal would be adorned with gems and seed pearls in sparkly and decorative colour combinations to depict the natural beauty of the insect in a unique vi…

Victorian Lily Of The Valley Pearl Brooch

A lovely example of a Victorian pearl set flower brooch. The lily of the valley brooch is crafted in 15 carat gold and looks exquisite. We have lots of similar quality items available to view and purchase from our Etsy store.

Vintage Brooch Collection Cameo Brooch Insect Brooch Citrine Brooch Silver Marcasite Brooch

A small preview of some our lovely unique vintage and antique brooches which we have in out store.
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9Ct Gold Vintage Dog Brooch With Rubies

Here at Helenas Curio we love anything to do with animals and in particular dogs, so when we had the chance of buying this vintage gold dachshund brooch with rubies we just couldn't resist.
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