Monday, 11 July 2016

Opal Rings For Sale

Opals are the birthstone for October. They are a beautiful stone. The opal is formed from rain which seeps into rock crevasses. After the water evaporates the silica that is left behind dries and forms the opal. I have been fascinated with opal jewellery for quite some time now. I admire the colours which they display and how they can change in the light.The ancient Greeks had a belief that an opal was formed by tears of joy wept by Zeus when he had defeated the Titans and that the opal had certain powers which gave strength.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Victorian And Edwardian Period Jewellery

I am always fascinated with jewellery from the Edwardian and Victorian periods in time.
Most of the jewellery is handmade and very unique. Individual pieces were made to suit specific requirements and therefore they have become very collectible jewellery pieces.

The Victorians in particular were fascinated by not just pretty designs but they wanted to display their love of nature and anything to kind of take their minds off the boring lives in which many Victorians lived.

Thats why you see some interesting and quirky jewellery with themes such as insects, flowers, animals and birds.

Antique Italian Silver Dachshund Hound Dog Ornament Hallmarked Circa 1930s

Antique Silver Dachshund Dog Figurine Circa 1930s